• Image of COMBO PACK - Family + Business Pack 'Plan. Organise. Know Yourself'. Printables Collection

Pretty little planners are lovely...if they are actually useful!

I was so tired of planners not working for me that I decided to create one that could adapt and change with me, my family and my business' needs.

If you like the look of bullet journals but can't be bothered with all the time and effort that it takes to make, if you want to stay on top of things, build on the relationships within your family, know yourself a little better and keep track of your business and home filing in your own folders, then this download is FOR YOU!

This download consists of 70+ pages of planner sheets and prompts. Print off as many of the pages as you like to create a DIY planner that works FOR YOU!

Printables included in this pack include:
* 12 month calendar with hand written month titles
* Website + Password Tracker Sheet
* Gratitude Record Sheets
* Menu Planners
* Family Goals Sheet
* School Holidays Ideas Sheet
* Emergency Contact Details Sheet
* Knowing Myself Prompts Sheets
* Daily Chore Checklist Template
* Birthdays by the Month
* Daily Action Sheet
* Monthly Goals Plan
* Social Media Goals
* Social Media Post Plan
* Social Media Stats Sheet
* Affirmation Reminders and more!

Also included are video links in which Lusi explains some of the pages in more detail. Think of all the time, tears and energy you'll save when you can keep everything at your fingertips! Very little in our lives 'just happens'. BE INTENTIONAL and start the year afresh. If you wish to purchase the business pack, family pack or calendar separately, please see our Facebook page for links.

Remember to Plan. Organise. Know Yourself!