• Image of FAMILY PACK - 'Plan. Organise. Know Yourself'. Printables Collection

Doing the same things will produce the same results so why not try something different this year?

With the Finds on Fitzroy 'Plan. Organise. Know Yourself.' Printables Collection all the hard work has been done for you.

Love the look of bullet journaling but don't have the time? Don't worry - we've got you sorted! Just purchase our pack of printables, print off, organise as suits you and fill in the blanks. So simple!

Printables included in this pack are:

* 12 month calendar (one page per month) with handwritten text
* Websites & password Tracker
* Menu Planner (in 4 different styles)
* Gratitude Record Sheets
* Knowing Myself Pompt Sheets
* Birthdays by the month
* Family Goals
* Knowing my Child
* Non Screen Ideas
* Daily Chores Checklist
* Basic Reward Chart
* Emergency Contact Details Template
* Let's Go Adventuring Ideas Sheet
* School Holidays Ideas List
* Page Dividers for a Family Planner Folder and a clickable link to a YouTube video about how to organise this into a Family Planner folder.

Don't let this year overwhelm you! Maximise your time and minimise your stress by being intentional.

Make 2017 your best year yet!